Our Story

As our founders began trekking through the Himalayas of Nepal many years ago, they were faced with unspeakable human suffering. They visited areas where only half of children lived to their 8th birthday. On trails leading out of the mountains of Nepal, they witnessed traffickers leading young girls who were to be sold as sex slaves. They visited community after community with no access to education or medical assistance. They could not stand by and do nothing. Some went on to found MountainChild, a USA based non-profit, which addresses the greatest needs within remote Himalayan communities in Nepal. MountainChild focuses on 5 core issues of: education, health, anti-trafficking, child labor, and the environment.

Others began the trekking and travel company MCATT, which is used to support the humanitarian work carried out by MountainChild. Others began the MountainChild Guest House, which also donates proceeds to the humanitarian work of MountainChild. By using MCATT for your travel and trekking needs in and around Nepal, you become a part of our team and play an active role in carrying hope to the children of the Himalayas.

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Our Purpose

Valuing our clients and empowering impoverished communities of Nepal

Our tagline is PERFORMANCE WITH PURPOSE, and this speaks to the two reasons that we exist. In the overcrowded field of trekking and travel companies in Nepal, we want to stand out as a company that understands the needs, desires, and concerns of our clients and provides them with a more authentic and honest experience. Throughout our years of working with individuals, groups, and teams from around the world, we have made it a priority to deliver honest quotes, up-front information, great communication, and unbeatable experiences for our clients.

In addition to great customer service, we are committed to the development of impoverished communities of Nepal’s Himalayas. We are not satisfied with trekking through these areas and doing nothing to improve them and empower their people. This is why we have committed to donating 100% of our proceeds to humanitarian work carried out amongst impoverished communities of Nepal’s Himalayas. By donating to the work of MountainChild, we are bringing lasting change and carrying hope to these people and communities.